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Healthy Cooking & Recipe Modification

Eating healthy food doesn’t mean giving up your favourite foods. Your favourite recipes can be adapted easily to provide a healthier alternative. There are many ways to make meals healthier. Limit fats, sugars and salt and include plenty of vegetables, fruit, grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy in your cooking. Here are some great tips[…]

Educational Video 10: Thickened Fluids

Practical tips for the preparation and provision of thickened fluids. The provision of thickened fluids is required for patients suffering dysphagia, a term used to describe a swallowing disorder. There are serious consequences of providing someone with dysphagia an inappropriate fluid. This article covers the three main consistencies of fluids and the properties of each.

Educational Video 4: Feeding Assistance

This video provides advice on assisting patients within the aged care and private hospital sectors with assistance when feeding. This video discusses the different levels of feeding assistance and how each can be refined to improve the eating experience of residential Aged care and Private hospital patients.